Foreman Trainee Program

Our foremen and crews are critical in keeping our electric utility infrastructure safe and reliable nationwide. Our comprehensive, paid Foreman Trainee Program will provide you the training and skills needed to become an important part of our field organization.

As a Foreman Trainee you will complete both classroom and on-the-job field instruction conducted by a highly experienced and skilled Osmose Foreman. Participants will spend four weeks of their training at Osmose's state of the art training school located at the corporate headquarters in Peachtree City, GA. School attendance affords all trainees the opportunity learn the culture, history, and mission of Osmose. Trainees are able to meet executives and managers face to face, many of whom started in the training classroom themselves!


Please note, the full length of training depends upon the service and/or the individual. Field training sites vary geographically. 

  Video: See what it's like to be an Osmose Foreman

Video: 2018 Osmose Foreman Rodeo - Our annual Foreman competition

Post Training

Once promoted from the Training Program, Foremen enjoy full-time, year-round stable work at the rate of $23/hour.  Foremen may be required to travel extensively, but will also have the opportunity to work overtime / receive overtime pay as well as earn weekly production bonuses.

Osmose Foremen are paid hourly based on a tiered scale that includes a base rate, conditional pay, and production bonuses*.  This compensation plan provides opportunity for advancement within the Foreman role and rewards Foremen for consistent high performance.  

Compensation level is determined quarterly based on the previous six months performance.  Corresponding level wages are paid in the form of conditional pay on productive hours only.

**Production bonuses are entirely dependent upon actual production of the crew and are paid only on productive hours.  The production bonus figures listed above are averages of existing Foremen and are in no way guaranteed.  They have been included to provide average estimated annual incomes.  All wages are subject to local union agreements.