About Us

At Osmose, we believe restoring strength to the grid is essential work, and we are the people to do it.



We believe that energy drives our lives and our economy. 

We believe that proactive is better than reactive. 

We believe in sticking with what works, and being unafraid to change what doesn't. 

We believe our grid should be able to weather the storm. 

We believe Safety Sets the Pace™.

Watch our video about the 2018 Osmose Foreman Rodeo, our annual competition highlighting the Foreman who make what we do happen every day!

2018 Osmose Foreman Rodeo

About Osmose

What it's like to be an Osmose Foreman

Safety Sets the Pace

Wood Pole Inspection & Treatment

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Fire-Guard® - Fire Protection for Wood Utility Poles

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